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Do you need to rent a dumpster in Richmond, or the surrounding areas? Get Rid of It! Dumpster Rentals offers roll off dumpster service for your various projects. We rent dumpsters for home renovations, construction debris, garage cleanup, storage unit clean outs, as well as junk and trash removal jobs. We guarantee your satisfaction with every dumpster that we deliver, so order yours today with our quick and easy online ordering process, and have you items removed as soon as tomorrow! Call Get Rid of It! for all of your dumpster rental needs!

If your city is not listed here, please call or email us! We are always adding new locations and cities to our serviceable areas.


We will deliver each roll-off dumpster to the address that you specify, but we also include the taxes and fees on your invoice, including an $18 Virginia Environmental Fee, so there are no surprises upon delivery. Each Dumpster has an allowable tonnage per size and we will bill the original credit card any overages per load.

Dumpster placement is up to you. However, we only place the dumpsters on level hard surfaces like cement, asphalt or gravel. We wont put in grassy areas. We don’t want any “sinking ships” with our dumpsters and neither do you! Several tons can accumulate quickly in our dumpsters. You can consult with our professional driver to help you with the right dumpster placement for your project.

The cost of your rental does not cover any required permits.  Please check with local county or city authority for permits that might be needed.  Also check with your HOA to see if, and what size dumpsters are allowed.  Many times our compact dumpsters can still be put in most neighborhoods!

Dumpster Permit

We recommend that you have at least four feet of clearance on all sides of the dumpster. We also require about 23 feet of height in clearance as we have to raise up the dumpster pretty high to roll it off. We also need about 60 feet of driveway or parking lot space.

Dumpster space needed

Most people will need a 12 yard dumpster.  The best bang for your buck is the 16 yard dumpster as you have more space then a 12 yarder for just a little bit more money. Our 12 yard dumpster holds about 6 pick up truck loads. Our 16 yard dumpster holds about about 10 pick up loads. We are only a phone call away or email if you have questions and we can assist you in determining which size dumpster will suit the needs of your next project.

Please call our office at least 2 business days before delivery to keep from having cancellation fees or relocation fees.  For any additional requests or revisions please email or call the office and we will be happy to accommodate.


At this time we only rent out 12 and 16 yard dumpsters. We plan to offer 18 yard dumpsters later this fall?  If you need a bigger dumpster let us know and we work with several other local vendors who we can recommend!


Our drivers take extraordinary care in making sure we place dumpsters only in places that is safe, and easy to access. Our professional drivers also use wood strips under our dumpster wheels in almost all cases to protect the asphalt, concrete, or aggregate driveway.

Because of strict DOT laws it is UNLAWFUL to transport waste over the Fill Line of a dumpster. All of our dumpsters will have a “Max Fill Line” or a “Do Not Fill Above This Line” sticker on each dumpster and you can not load above these lines or top rail. This is for your safety, the safety of our drivers, the other people on the road and because it’s the law. If you overfill the dumpster you could have fines up to $150 for over the line limit and or be required to remove items below the “Max Fill Line”.  If you need another dumpster let us know and we can bring one out and perform a switch out.  Ask us about the additional dump fees involved.

The more time ahead, the better. However, we try our best to be able to deliver same day in some cases. But the more notice you give us the better!

We currently offer 12, & 16 yard dumpsters. 18 yard dumpsters will be coming this fall? If you have questions call or email us!

  • Drop Off of Dumpster in safe driveway location.
  • Permission to use the dumpster according to Get Rid of It! Terms and Services guidelines.
  • Picking Up of the Dumpster at the end of the rental term.
  • Disposing of the contents in the dumpster per the terms of the agreement.

We have two rental periods at 3 to 7 days.  The most common rental term is a 7 day rental. The max rental term is 21 days and that is $25 per day after the original signed agreement. Beyond the 21 day agreement the daily fee is $35/day per diem we charge for keeping the dumpster longer then the max agreement. If you need a longer contract please call our office to discuss your needs. 

We accept all Major Credit Cards.  We process your rental before we ever drop off the dumpster. If you have ton overages we will then charge the excess overages once completion of the rental term is complete. All payments are by Credit Card.

Items Not Allowed:

asbestos, radioactive materials, explosives, corrosives. oxidizing agents, medical wastes, infectious wastes, pathological wastes, chemotherapeutic wastes, hazardous wastes, liquid wastes, oil or oil drums, all commercial appliances, toxic or corrosive materials, wastes, contaminated soils, antifreeze, transmission/lubricating/hydraulic, solvents, materials over 8 feet in length, animal carcasses of any kind, dirt/earth, concrete, rock, gravel, boulders, mattress, box springs, and tires of any size, malodorous waste, asbestos, paint of any type, propane tanks, gas bottles, bulky electric appliances, computers, e-waste, large TVs, pesticides, railroad ties, shingles, resurfaced pavement.  If you are unsure email our office: 

Distance Covered:

30 Mile radius from our Shop which is located near the Richmond International Airport.